Take a browse at my Old School R&B playlist.

Take a browse at my Old School R&B playlist.

Music is the most powerful influential tool that you would ever come across

My music taste is so selective and, changes everyday hence why this post took me so long to publish because it changes everyday. I needed at least a month to narrow down my favourite tunes.  You can somewhat see the similarities in terms of melody. I LOVE a good melody. Some days,  I’ve literally taken a trip back in time to the 80’s and on other days you can tell I’ve been listening to Capital Xtra for way too long. It’s clear that, right now my dashboard reads September 7th 1993 and you’ll understand why by taking a look at my playlist.

Here’s what my playlist looks like right now. In no particular order.

Jon B – Are U Still Down

“Are U Still Down” is a song co-written and performed by American contemporary R&B singer Jon B. This song is even more special to me because it was the final verse that Pac recorded before his death. Everything about this song, just makes me want to Vibe to it. This is what I would class as feel good music.


Aaron Hall – When You Need Me

“When You Need Me” is a song performed and written by American R&B musician Aaron Hall, issued as the second single from his 1994 solo debut album The Truth.  His  smooth vocals, complement this smooth soulful beat. Its so catchy too, I’ve been singing along to this song.


Horace Brown – Things We Do For Love

“Diamond rings, pearls and things. Trips in December. Things we do for love.” I love this electro, hip hop and r&b style instrumental. It makes me want to boop. I think the reason why I love or/and take too, 90s R&B, more then the new school stuff is because its music that had meaning to it. Music that gives me hope in love and in a fairytale love story. I’m such a hopeless romantic and I believe in a fairytale love story, so I love to hear music about it.


 Ralph Tresvant – Sensitivity

Sensitivity” is the title of a number-one single by American singer Ralph Tresvant. It was the first single from the self-titled debut album of the New Edition frontman since the split of the group.

I absolutely LOVE this song. If you don’t know then you SUCK! This song is a classic. So edgy and funky. The good old days where musicians use to confess their love in hooks. Talking about (Boyz II Men Voice)  “baby, You know your the only one for me” .

Jill Scott – Come See Me

If I could have one song to wake me up everyday, Come See Me would be the one. “Passion and Desire baby….” I cant get enough of the slick Jazz infused, smooth instrumental. She uses the same instruments that would usually be used in a Gospel track which I love. Props too Jill. Absolute legend ..

NOW!! Listen Up.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I DON’T REALLY DANCE when we go out. When i dance, then its defiantly a celebration. Do you want to know what song would actually make me GET UP FROM MY BACKSIDE QUICKER THEN A HEARTBEAT. Its this one.

Eric Benet & Faith Evans ~ Georgy Porgy “1999” ONLY SONG to make me get up from my seat and dance! Take note 

I’m even gonna blast this out and dance myself to work. This song is SUCH a classic. It honestly reminds me of the good life. When the things that talked about in music, was beautiful and it made you think that love and relationships were like fairytales.

Mint Condition – This Day, This Minute, Right Now 

Mint Condition better ALL be well and kickin it  by the time I get married because, I want this song, performed LIVE on my big day. Whatever God’s will is for me but I KNOW, I Shall get my favourite live performers at my wedding.


Johnny Gill- There You Go

I CAN’T marry someone who won’t love this type of genre and music. Its a legal requirement for me. A MUST. You have too at least be able to appreciate it as much as I do because its all you’ll hear from me. I’ve studied the craft so I’LL TEST YOU, Future Husband. I need to be woken up to this sometimes or go in your car and hear some old school. my mood will seriously go from 0 to 100. Promise. One of my favourites. My husband best just be a musician from that Genre. Life would be easier.

I’m Still Waiting

P.s if you ever try and get me to sing, and of course I will NEVER sing on request play this song to me. I’m still waiting and I guarantee, you’ll hear me belt out those note, no doubt.

“got myself togetha-eerrrr – can’t go on no, neve-verrrr”


Raphael Saadiq – Ask of You

Oh C’mon. I’ve got Aaron Hill, and Eric Benett on here. How could I forget Raphael Saadiq and Toni Tone Tony! I love “Whatever you Want” by them but for some reason YT don;t seem to have the original song.

I really like this LIVE version though!

Thats all I can come up with for now.



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